About Me

Hello and thanks for taking the time to visit my page.

I'm a glass artist and I live in Delray Beach, FL since 2012. Before I moved to Florida, I lived and learned all about glass in Germany. The technique that I use, is originally from early European and Egyptian artisans. Pieces of glass are hand cut, then glass pigments (enamels or frits) are sifted on the glass for color, using my fingers, brushes or stencils for the patterns. After some hours of firing in the glass kiln at high temperature, the glass needs to cool down for a long time. The whole process takes around 24 hours or more.

Natural effects such as bubbles and crazing may occur giving a beautiful and unique result to the process. Also, all my pieces get a special texture in the back giving it my personal touch. I love to work with strong and bright colors, metals, stones, wood and more different materials. 

I participated in various workshops and seminars, led by experienced artist in the area of glass. I learned different techniques such as Pate de Verre, Lampwork, Fusing, Tiffany, Stained Glass Restoration, and Image Transfer.

"There is nothing perfect about my work, because perfection is not what I’m striving for, rather I try to provoke beauty in the imperfect along with a physical response. I want people to touch and feel the textures that make each piece handmade. Imperfection is part of handmade, and it is a part of the story in my work”


Curriculum Vitae

Born Nov. 14-1968 Bogotá-Colombia (Languages: Spanish, German, English)

1991-1996   Resides in Santiago de Chile
1996-2010   Resides in Ludwigshafen-Germany
2010-2011   Resides in Santiago de Chile
2012            Resides in Delray Beach, FL. USA with her husband and her two children


2000       Fusing Barracha, Portugal
2000       Fusing C. Fernandez, Germany
2001       Fusing Tiffany Glass Kunst, Germany
2001       Pate du Verre Tiffany Glass Kunst, Germany
2002       Fusing J. Washinsky ,Germany
2003       Beads A. Baum, Germany
2005       Fusing Katy Wasser, France
2006       Fusing Colorobbia, Italy
2007       Fusing Argentina
2010       Stained Glass Restoration, France
2010       Tiffany Technique, France
2011       Restoration of Historic Monuments, Chile
2016       Image Transfer and Casting, Boca Raton FL. USA (Andrea Da Ponte)


2005      Heidelberger Kunst Markt Heidelberg-Germany
2006      Heidelberger Kunst Markt Heidelberg-Germany
2007      Heidelberger Kunst Markt Heidelberg-Germany           
              Glas und Kunst im Park Mannheim Germany           
              Maison et Jardin Wachenheim-Weinstrasse Germany
2008      Glas und Kunst im Park Mannheim Germany           
              Glas Ausstellung in Badgasse Germany           
              Terrapota & Friends Hockenheim Germany           
              Untermühle Horchheim, Worms-Germany           
              Maison et Jardin Wachenheim-Weinstrasse Germany
2009      Glas und Kunst im Park. Mannheim, Germany
              Glas Ausstellung. Badgasse, Germany           
              Maison et Jardin. Wachenheim-Weinstrasse, Germany           
              Adventsaustellung. Ludwigshafen, Germany           
              Colombian Consulate, Paris, France
              La Grappe Gourmande. Ludwigshafen, Germany
2010      Untermühle Horchheim. Worms, Germany           
              Prodesign23. Bad Dürkheim, Germany
2011      Stained Glass Restoration. Annunciation Church - NYC
2012      Stained Glass Restoration. Annunciation Church - NYC
              Hand painted Stained Glass, Annunciation School - NYC
2013      Forms Gallery. Delray Beach, FL
2014      The Arts Arena Gallery. Delray Beach, FL
2015      Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce, Member
              Hand painted Stained Glass, Santa Ana School - NYC
              Glass Exhibition. Cornel Museum, Delray Beach FL
2016      Green Art School
              Stewart Fine Art Gallery, Boca Raton, FL
              Opening Henao Glass Studio, Boca Raton, FL
              Art NXT Level Member
2017      33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago

              Palm Beach International Film Festival 2017
              YARA Restaurant @ Margaritaville Resort, Cayman Islands

              Sand Sugar Park. Boca Raton, Florida
              400th Jubilee Plaques for the Pios Schools of NYC
              Margaritaville Resort, Cayman Islands 

              The ”Eternity” series. Collaboration project with artist Sergio Gomez. ACS Gallery (Chicago, IL), Artsy, Stewart Fine Art Gallery (Boca Raton, FL) 


2009       Die Rheinpfalz    LU - Germany

2013       El Cafe Latino   Paris - France

2016       Modern Boca Mom   Boca Raton-FL